Lapis Lazuli and Emerald Statement Necklace

£2,900 GBP

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An exquisite necklace hand crafted in 18K gold vermeil. The necklace has been designed using magnificent hand carved Lapis Lazuli and Malachites with delicate Emerald and red enamel detailing.

Inspired by the Jardin Majorelle a bold dash of colour splashes across the Moroccan skies; the collection incorporates the blues of Lapis Lazuli, the red of Rubies and green Emeralds matched with enamel and handcrafted gold floral overlays. The juxtaposition of cacti throughout the garden represented by hand carved gems set to seem like the garden itself a vibrant place of colour and life.

This piece contains natural hand carved gemstones, which may vary slightly in colour and markings from stone shown in image.

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